We at Hunter-M Esports PC Gaming Center care about the health and safety of our staff and customers. We have developed several new protocols to ensure customers safety as we welcome you back into our store, while also providing the same top notch service and environment you have grown to expect from us.

We Are Running Virus Destroying Systems

  • We are running virus destroying systems.

    – Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO), works at the molecular level to destroy pollutants.
    – By using nanotechnology, PECO is able to destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than the standard HEPA filters are able to.

Face Masks For Our Staff

  • Our staff have been provided masks to wear at all times.

  • Everybody must wear masks in order to enter the store

    – In order to protect both our customers and our staff, masks are required to enter, whether it is our staff or our customers.

Encourage Social Distancing

  • We control all seating arrangements to manage social distancing effectively.

    – Our staff work diligently to assign seating that keeps everyone in the store at a safe and comfortable distance from each other.
    – Groups are seated in their own sections and individuals are arranged to be as far away from other individuals as possible.
    – We only utilize 50% of the store’s capacity to provide enough space for each party.

  • Our computer stations are specially designed for extra security between you and your opposite side. Any person across from you will have a barrier separating the two of you, so you cannot see each other.

    – These barriers offer both privacy and limit person to person contact to a minimum.
    – Enjoy peace of mind while playing.

  • We have acrylic shields set up at the counter to act as a barrier between employees and customers.

We Take Temperatures

  • We have a sophisticated thermal system to take body temperature.

    – All customers and staff are screened as soon as they enter the store.
    – Any customers and staff over 100F will not be allowed to enter our store.

All Customers are screened as soon as they enter the store with an infrared temperature video scanner
All staff check their body temperature as soon as they enter the store.

Sanitizing Policies

  • All hand sanitizing stations in the store are operated touch-less.

  • We sanitize every station including all the computer accessories and the chairs after a customer leaves. Customers don’t need to sanitize the station again, however, we have plenty of sanitizing wipes if you decide you would like to.

  • You can bring your own controllers, keyboards, mice, and headsets if you feel more comfortable using your own equipment.

    – If you need help setting up or removing your equipment, our staff will be happy to help.
    – Staff can also sanitize your equipment should you want them to.

  • All door handles and toilet items that are frequently touched in the store are being disinfected every two hours.

Every PC and its accessories will be sanitized before any customer uses them.

We pride ourselves on our community. All our customers have a good attitude, and customers respect the store policies. All customers wear a mask when they come in and out, when they go to bathrooms, when they walk in the service area, and when they come to counter, and even when they are seated at the stations. They respect each other in the store. It is a chill and welcome environment.

Our store was built just one year ago, and we pride ourselves on making sure the store stays looking new and clean.
– Our staff work around the clock to make sure everything is well maintained and up to standard.