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Promo Sep 4, 2022, To celebrate Labor day, 1H Free for Members and friends.

2022-09-04 22:18
Promotion Code: HMA09052022
Promotion Start: @7 PM, Sep 4, 2022
Promotion End: @Noon. Sep 5, 2022.

Target For:
1. HunterM ESports Members
2. HunterM ESports Members' Non-Member friends up to 4

Condition for redemption:
* Need to have a membership.
* Need to show promo code.
* Need to visit HunterM ESports.

#1. Current members will get A free one hour by showing the promo code.
#2. Member's friends up to 4, will get a free one hour. Need to visit with a current member.

1. Only one-time redemption is available.
2. This is an invitation for members only. Even if you miss any promotion, you cannot ask us to get it again but must wait for the next promotion.
3. All redeemed times will be expired if not used at all. Redeemed time is not bankable. Please check the promotion end time at the top.

Thank you for being our valued member.
#1 ESports Center in the U.S.A, HunterM
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