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Building DMV Gaming Community, Free 2 hours gaming time.

2023-07-08 08:57


Hey DMV gamers!

Join us on a mission to bring the thrill and excitement of gaming to the next level in the DMV! Together, we can create an unforgettable experience that unites us like never before.
Here's the deal: Share your favorite video games and tag your friends for a chance to win two free hours of gaming at HunterM Gaming Center, the world's most advanced LAN center.
Get ready to unleash your gaming prowess, feel the adrenaline rush, and bond with your friends over epic virtual adventures. HunterM Gaming Center offers cutting-edge technology and unparalleled facilities, taking your gaming experience to new heights.
Spread the word, rally your gaming crew, and let's make history in the DMV! Prepare for an incredible journey where gaming becomes an incredible adventure. Join us now and let the gaming revolution begin!

Promotion Detail:
Any DMV video gamer will get free 2 hours if they complete the mission.

Promotion Code: N/A
Promotion Start: July 8, 2023
Promotion End: @11:59 PM. July 31, 2023.

Target For:
* All video game lovers

Condition for redemption:
1. Visit the store's Instagram @ www.instagram.com/huntermgaming
2. Follow us, Like the promotion post, share your favorite video games as a comment, and share it with your friends.
3. Visit HunterM Gaming Center and show staff how you complete the mission
4. Enjoy your game time at gaming paradise

1. Only one-time redemption is available.
2. Even if you miss any promotion, you cannot ask us to get it again but must wait for the next promotion.
3. All redeemed times will be expired if not used at all. Redeemed time is not bankable. Please check the promotion end time at the top.

Thank you for being our valued member.
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