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Relaxation meets thrill, Free 2 hours gaming time.

2023-09-15 23:49
Attention DMV Gaming Enthusiasts!
Introducing a Special Destination! Dive into the hottest video gaming center in the U.S. Open 24/7, where relaxation meets exhilaration.
How to enjoy?
First, grab your favorite drink or snack from anywhere.
Then, simply head to us. Easy, right?
Come and immerse yourself in fun. Craft memorable moments with your friends. And don't forget to claim your 2 hours of FREE playtime.

Promotion Detail:
Any DMV video gamer will get free 2 hours if they complete the mission.

1. Visit our official Instagram page at www.instagram.com/huntermgaming
2. Ensure you follow our profile, like our promotional post, and share it with friends in your gaming circle.
3. Upon your next visit to HunterM Gaming Center, show our staff your completed mission.
4. Immediately indulge in your free gaming hours.

Promotion Specifics:
Promotion Code: Not Applicable
Start Date: September 15, 2023
End Date: October 31, 2023, 11:59 PM

Target For:
* All video game lovers

Terms and Conditions:
1. Each gamer is eligible for a one-time redemption only.
2. If you miss out on this promotion, please await our upcoming offers. Claims for missed promotions will not be entertained.
3. Unused promotional hours will expire and are not transferable or accumulable. Please be mindful of the promotion's end date.

We appreciate the continued support and enthusiasm of our gaming community. Discover for yourself why HunterM Gaming Center is heralded as the #1 LAN and ESports Center in the U.S.A.
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