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HM2X0531, 24/7 Open & New 3090, Buy and Get Double Credit and Friends Will Get a Free 2 Hours!

2021-05-14 22:10
Promotion Code: HM2X0531
Promotion Start: May 14, 2021
Promotion End: May 30, 2021.

Target For: Hunter-M Members and member's NonMember friends.

Condition for redemption:
* Need to have a membership.
* Need to show promo code on the cell phone.
* Need to visit the store

#1. For members, Buy any service hours up to 12 hours, you will get double service time.
#2. A member can bring up to two Non-Member friends then each friend will get free 2 hours.
#3. If your friend gets a membership, the member(you) and the friend will get additional free 2 hours as an extra bonus.

1. Only one-time redemption available.
2. Only available Up to 12 Hours purchase.

Thank you!
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