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HMXM0102, Celerbrating Christmas and New year for members and friends

2021-12-25 23:50
Promotion Code: HMXM0102
Promotion Start: @8 AM, Dec 26, 2021
Promotion End: @11:59 PM. Jan 2, 2022.

Target For: Hunter-M eSports Members and members' Non-Member friend UPTO TWO.

Condition for redemption:
* Need to have a membership.
* Need to show promo code.
* The promo code could get copied from our current member to use it. However, you need to open up a membership if you don't have it.
* Need to visit Hunter-M eSports.

#1. For members, will get free two hours.
#2. A member can bring up to two Non-Member friends then each friend will get A free one hour.

1. Only one-time redemption is available.

Thank you for being our valued member.

Hunter-M eSports.