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USA Esports Network League of Legends Tournament 100 – Finished

  • By: HunterM
  • Date: Sep 14, 2021

Hunter-M and I-Battle Esports PC Gaming Centers Official League of Legends Tournament

We excited to announce that we are opening our League of Legends Tournament at I-Battle eSports Center & Hunter-M eSports Center, powered by USA eSports Inc.
Up to a $3,000.00 prize pool event. Don’t be afraid to join us! It is very simple to have a fun time with us, just register and we will follow up with you. You don’t have a team? No worries, just register as a single-player and we will make a team for you. We are all in for a fun time at I-Battle and Hunter-M! Hope you guys enjoy this event. Thanks.

Tournament Rules

Please check out here for the most up to date the tournament rules and detailed information.


Registration is also available at both Hunter-M and I-Battle locations, simply speak with the staff about filling out a registration form.

Deadline: Oct. 3, 2021 at 11:59 P.M. EST.

Cost to join the tournament

$25 per player. There will be an early bird price of $20 for all those registering within 1 week of the beginning of the registration period!
If you are a member of Hunter-M or I-Battle, 2 hrs service time will be reimbursed at the store.

2 hours of practice time will also be included for members of Hunter-M or I-Battle

Prize Pool

  • Prize money payment: Prize money will be paid out via check, to be sent in the mail no more than 1 week following the conclusion of the tournament.
  • Prize Pool breakdown I: For greater than or equal to 8 teams registered
    • Total: $1500, $3000 if VIP
      • 1st Place: $1000, $2000 if VIP
      • 2nd Place: $400, $800 if VIP
      • 3rd Place: $100, $200 if VIP
  • Prize Pool breakdown II: For 5~7 teams registered
    • Total: $700
      • 1st Place: $400
      • 2nd Place: $200
      • 3rd Place: $100
  • Prize Pool breakdown III: For 2~4 teams registered
    • Total: $500
      • 1st Place: $250
      • 2nd Place: $150
      • 3rd Place: $100
  • Bonus Prize for VIP: Only available when total registered teams are greater than or equal to 8. 
    • Hunter-M and I-Battle VIP teams will earn double prize money. To qualify for VIP, you must log 200 or more hours at i-Battle or Hunter-M, and you should submit your member id and account number for verification. If you are not sure if you qualify as VIP, visit in-store and ask our staff to check for you.
    • The team’s captain will get $50 additionally as a bonus if the team is awarded. 
    • VIP teams must confirm with the tournament admins that they are listed as VIP before the start of the tournament. It is the responsibility of the team to register as VIP.

Store Membership Advantages

  • Computers usage fees are available at a discounted price.
  • The remaining time can be saved and can be used later.
  • Discounted participation fee for any tournament events, current and future.
  • Will get a chance to get a bonus prize for any tournament events for current and future.
  • Members can choose and use the computer they want in the store with the login information given.

How to be a store member of Hunter-M or I-Battle?

Check below button to the registration form and sign up. $25 for a lifetime membership fee.

Requirement to join event

All participants must join our Discord server for updates.


All participants’ age must be 13 and over.

Are you looking for a team?

1. Please join our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/BXV6mVA
2. You could join the tournament even if you do not have a team. Register first @SMASH.GG, then Admin will assign you to a team.

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