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Prove You're the Top Shot and Cash In on Your Skills!

Ultimate Aim Challenges

HunterM Gaming Center is the epitome of excitement. The more your shots hit the target, the fuller your pockets will be with cash. Don’t just play games; here’s how to catch the thrill and the prize at the same time. Gaming is a challenge, and challenges are fun. This is the philosophy of HunterM. Now, take on the challenge!

AIM Challenge Modes

For the AIM Challenge, you have three game modes to choose from. Select the game according to your preference. Once you're ready to start the challenge, visit HunterM, choose one of the 86 high-performance gaming computers, and follow the instructions from our Game Master to begin. The HunterM Game Master will assist you with everything you need to know to start the challenge and record your ranking.

Overwatch 2 Challenge

Valorant Challenge

Aim Labs Challenge

Record and Ranking

Recording your score is crucial because you can’t claim any prizes without an official record. Officially recording your score is very simple. Whenever you feel you've achieved a satisfactory score, call over a HunterM Game Master. They will officially register your score, as displayed on the computer screen, onto our official ranking board.

There is no time limit for achieving your desired score. Just let us know whenever you’re ready to record your score.

And remember, if you achieve first place in all three game modes—completing a Grand Slam—the total prize doubles. Don’t forget this important detail!


Rewards are a natural part of the challenge. Prizes are divided into weekly and monthly categories. In other words, based on all scores for the week, the top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings for the week will receive prizes. Similarly, based on the scores of all participants for the month, the top 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings for the month will receive prizes. Becoming a sharpshooter in a video game is a difficult feat. The prize chart is as follows:

Weekly Top 3 Sharpshooter Prizes – Per Game Mode:

1st Place: $50
2nd Place: $20
3rd Place: $10

Weekly Grand Slam Prize: $300

Monthly Top 3 Sharpshooter Prizes – Per Game Mode:

1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $100
3rd Place: $50

Monthly Grand Slam Prize: $1200


1. All challenges must be conducted on HunterM store computers.
2. An official record must be documented by a HunterM staff member to be recognized.
3. Participants are allowed to use their own keyboard and mouse if preferred.
4. All participants in the Ultimate Aim Challenge must meet the minimum age requirement for each game: 16 years of age for Valorant, and 13 years of age or older for both Overwatch 2 and Aim Labs.
5. Every time an official record is documented, the participant must be photographed alongside the computer screen displaying the score.
6. Prize recipients agree to have their photo taken with their prize and uploaded to HunterM’s Instagram.
7. Participants agree that HunterM has full authority to make any changes related to this event.

* The weekly ranking board resets every Sunday at midnight.
* The monthly ranking board resets at midnight on the last Sunday of each month.
* The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place rankings for prizes are announced every Wednesday on the official Discord server.
* Prize winners must collect their prizes in person at the store by the Sunday of the week they are announced. Proxies are not allowed, and prizes not picked up within the specified period will be forfeited.
* Prizes can be collected at either HunterM or iBattle.
* This event is hosted by USA Esports Network and is open to customers of both HunterM and iBattle.
* Prize winners agree to have their photos taken at the store for record-keeping and uploaded to the official social media accounts of HunterM or iBattle.
* To qualify for weekly prizes, each game must have at least 5 participants. For the Weekly Grand Slam prize, a minimum of 10 participants per game is required. If participation is insufficient the prize plan will be invalidated.
* To qualify for monthly prizes, each game must have at least 20 participants. To qualify for the Monthly Grand Slam prize, a minimum of 40 participants per game is needed. If participation is insufficient the prize plan will be invalidated.
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