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Is food allowed?

No manufactured things like products from 7 eleven or the grocery store are allowed. (Food, Drinks, and Snacks) Prepared food and beverages from restaurants and cafes are allowed. Any food and drinks from outside are allowed for the LAN party.
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What is the advantages of being HunterM Gaming Center member?

Gaming computer usage fees are available at a 40 % discounted price when usage fees are purchased as bulk. The remaining time can be saved and can be used later. Members are given rebates and discounts on tournament event entry fees. Members can choose and use the computer they want in the store with the[...]
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What is the HunterM Gaming Center membership?

The Hunter-M membership allows you to experience the same great gaming experience with the best computers and network at a discounted price. The membership comes with an initial one-time fee of $35 incl 2 hours so we recommend those who only plan on visiting Hunter-M once should stick with guest time. Lifetime Store Membership Sign[...]
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What specs do I need for eSports gaming?

The eSports can be played on any computer. However, the latest games with brilliant graphics require the best hardware specifications and networks. In general, eSports computers and monitors are 6 to 10 times more expensive than ordinary home computers.
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What is an eSports PC Gaming Center?

The eSports stands for Electronic Sports. Much like traditional sports like soccer or golf, the games people enjoy on computers can provide an environment for people to compete and see who is best. The esport appeal is that you can have fun regardless of place, time, and weather conditions.
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