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I am concerned that the provided peripherals may have malicious or cheating software installed on them from a previous user. How do you deal with this issue?

All of our PCs are all connected to an instant system recovery and restore server. At any time we can restore our machines to a safe and clean status. Before each match, all SSD storage devices will be instantly formatted by the solution. This will ensure that all systems keep a clean status for tournament[...]
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Can I join this event online?

No, our business identity comes from being a local LAN center. We make revenue as customers visit our centers to use our systems and generate sales. This is the core of our business. Please know that we are not an event company running online tournaments. The prize pool we are offering is much larger than[...]
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I’d like to join the tournament but am concerned about Covid-19. How are you dealing with combating the spread?

We take great pride in our response to COVID-19. Our esports centers are constantly cleaned and sanitized by our diligent staff, and we are following CDC and local guidelines on social distancing and the enforcement of wearing masks. Moreover, we are running virus destroying systems in both centers that use state of the art technology.[...]
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