The Best PC Gaming Environment in U.S.A

Take your experience to the next level


Intel Core i7-9700k

It will allow you to multitask without having to sacrifice your gaming experience.



It will give you incredible new levels of gaming realism, speed, power efficiency and immersion.


G.SKILL DDR4 3600 (PC4 28800) 16GB

It will feed the processor with the resources it needs and kill every memory bottleneck.


BenQ 27" 240Hz 1ms Gaming Monitor

Maximize your gaming experience with 240Hz which allows for smooth control and precision.

Fantastic Gaming Interior

We have prepared the best interior for gamers to maximize your gaming experience.


1G Commercial Fiber

Not only does Commercial Fiber give you 1G up and down, but also low 1ms latency.


DXRacer eSports Gaming Chair

More efficient and comfortable, it will take your gaming experience to the next level.


Corsair Professional Gaming Headset

Start making plays that sound as epic as they look with the premium headset VOID PRO.


Corsair Gaming Keyboard & Mouse

No matter how fast your  in-game actions are, every key-press registers correctly.


Tournament Events

We host various gaming events. Check out Events and keep in touch on our Facebook.

Licensed In-house Games

Check below for our official game list. Even if the game you are looking for is not on the list, many of the most popular games are already installed. Our systems are not locked, so you can install the game that you want. We don’t charge for the time, or you could request the game to be installed via our contact form.


What We Offer

HunterM is where all different types of gamers can come together and enjoy, converse about their favorite games or try new ones the options are limitless!


PC Gaming Service

Take your experience to the next level with the HunterM Gaming Center’s powerful gaming rigs.


Tournament Hosting

We love friendly competition. Play for big prizes. Check out our latest tournament events.


LAN Party Booking

Looking for a place to host your event? HunterM Gaming Center is a great place.


Birthday Party

You can host your birthday party at HunterM Gaming Center. Come celebrate with us!


Tournament Events

We love friendly competition, who doesn’t?
Show the world you’re a Big Dog and capable of doing what’s needed to win.

USA Esports Network CS:GO 101 Tournament Results and Gallery

  • By HunterM
  • on Jan 27, 2023
We want to thank our community and congratulate Makloyg Zoddog 4 for taking 1st place, as well as recognize everyone.
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HunterM Gaming Center welcomes everyone and anyone who enjoy playing games maintaining good vibes and friendly attitude.
Leave the troubles outside the door and come in enjoy and relax and most importantly have fun!

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